Houston Identification Product Printing & Manufacturing

The most populous city in Texas as well as the South’s largest metropolis, Houston has a distinctly favorable business climate that makes it an ideal place to set up shop. The city’s economy benefits from a strong infrastructure and a well-trained workforce that support a broad range of industries. From energy and aerospace to health care and nanotechnology, many of the Houston’s most profitable businesses rely on durable functional identification products to help ensure their success. Whether you need custom decals or multi-functional control panels in Houston, Aluma Graphics is your source for quality labeling solutions.

Houston Labels and Decals for a Variety of Substrates

At Aluma Graphics, we specialize in printing identification products for substrates ranging from polyester and polycarbonate to aluminum and vinyl. With more than 40 years of experience serving businesses in Houston and around the world, we’re experts at producing decals and labels that meet the specific needs of your product or process. Whether it’s a label that meets standards established by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or a decal that can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions, we know which materials, adhesives and designs are most suitable for every application.

Finishing and Graphic Overlay Options

Our labeling products at Aluma Graphics range from customized bar code labels to 3D domed decals that help your Houston brand stand out from the competition. We can program the printing process to add variable data like serial numbers to your decal or use processes like embossing, screen printing or foil stamping to give your label a distinctive look. Overlays like transparent windows can also be added. When your need extra durability and protection, we offer reverse-printed polycarbonate and polyester graphic overlays as well.

Houston Metal Nameplate Production Services

Using metal substrates like aluminum and stainless steel, Aluma Graphics is equipped to manufacture a broad variety of nameplates tailored to meet your distinct needs. When your application demands a nameplate that won’t degrade over time or that can take harsh conditions in stride, we offer MetalPhoto products and nameplates in which the image, data or brand is embedded within an aluminum surface. These virtually indestructible nameplates meet stringent military specifications and are highly resistant to ultraviolet light, heat and abrasion.

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Other types of nameplates available from Aluma Graphics include serial number plates, digitally printed plates and data rating plates. We offer a range of finishing options too, ranging from embossing and laminating to stamping and punching.

Turnkey Control Panels

At Aluma Graphics, our in-house metal fabrication capabilities allow us to offer turnkey control panels in Houston that are customized according to your specifications. Our expertise in printing technology combined with our manufacturing processes enable us to craft a custom-designed control panel from start to finish, saving you time and money while ensuring that the product is perfectly suited to your application. We can even include mounting hardware in your turnkey control panels for easy installation.

Whether it’s a decal that helps promote your brand or an overlay that makes your product function better, Aluma Graphics has the expertise and experience Houston businesses trust will add value, protection and performance to their products and production, engineering and manufacturing processes.


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