Whether you’re on the hunt for a printing technique that will elevate your brand above the competition or you need an extra layer of protection for your critical labels and decals, Aluma Graphics can give your product the look and durability you want with our cutting-edge doming process. The 3D doming method literally raises your logo or graphic from a flat image into a three-dimensional object, infusing your product with the professional, polished look favored by the nation’s leading brands.

The 3D Doming Process

Doming is a print finishing process in which a clear, polyurethane resin is dispensed over a two-dimensional image. A precise manipulation of the resin allows it to flow from the center to the edges, transforming your logo, label or nameplate into a dome-like shape. The item is then cured in a climate-controlled environment. Because the doming process involves utilizing specialized automated dispensing equipment, only quality printing companies like the Dallas-based Aluma Graphics can provide the doming application. This allows us to offer competitively priced products and a fast turnaround while ensuring quality control.

3D Doming Applications

Doming offers you a wide array of decorative and functional options. The doming process gives your graphic extra resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes, making it ideal for use on boats, heating equipment and manufacturing applications. The long-lasting polyurethane dome is washable as well as resistant to impact and scratches, which makes it perfect for use in the medical field. Doming is also a popular choice for items like decorative nameplates, ID badges, signage and other important business items. From warning labels on manufacturing equipment to decals on engineering, exercise and hospital equipment, 3D doming is well suited for a broad range of applications for your national or global business.

Serving companies from all over the United States for more than 40 years, the experts at Aluma Graphics know what it takes to raise the visibility and prestige of your local or national brand. If you’re looking for a way to enhance the look of your logo or graphic while boosting its durability, 3D doming offers you artful and practical options. Our experienced technicians can create a doming product for you that will not only stand up to the harshest corrosive conditions but that will offer stand-out appeal to your customer base as well.


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