From sunken designs on a vinyl or plastic surface to raised lettering on an identification product, embossing elevates style and functionality by adding dimension and depth to two-dimensional surfaces. The embossing printing process creates a relief that can make your identification products easier to read and that can add a tactile quality to your graphic overlays. By raising the letters, numbers, or design on your product above or below the substrate, embossing can enhance your product’s functionality and can raise the professionalism of your national or global company.

The Custom Embossing Printing Process

The embossed effect is achieved by utilizing two specially created dies. During the printing process, the dies fit into each other so that when the proper amount of pressure is applied, the material between the dies is raised or recessed. Because the dies must be custom made by engraving the design on to the plates, embossing is both a science and an art. The quality of the results depends on the skill and experience of the die maker. By using the custom embossing services offered at Aluma Graphics, you can rest assured that your product will meet the high standards of quality that you demand for your business on national or global level.

Why Use Aluma Graphics Nationwide Embossing?

Making your product stand out from the crowd can be challenging in the competitive business environment. Whether you need important safety labels, identification products like decals and overlays or multi-functional control panels, custom embossing by Aluma Graphics can give your product the added functionality and aesthetic that you need to succeed on a local, national or global level. By raising or sinking designs in relief, it becomes easier to access and use critical components like overlays and control panels by touch. Because embossing adds dimension to flat surfaces, the effect makes items like nameplates and control panels easier to see and read as well.

Aluma Graphics Custom Embossing

The global scale custom embossing services available at Aluma Graphics let you add another dimension of usefulness as well as artistry to your product and to the items that your company uses every day. We have the equipment and expertise to emboss designs on a wide array of materials, from plastics to polyester substrates. Our company also offers metal fabrication services, which enables us to implement embossing techniques on turnkey products for our valued customers. Trust the specialists at Aluma Graphics to assist you with all your embossing needs.


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