Machining & Forming

Equipment components like control panels, overlays and nameplates often require precision-cut shapes and custom configurations as well as functional markings and labeling. Unlike other U.S. printing and graphic companies, Aluma Graphics also offers metal fabrication and custom machining services for our valued customers. Our custom machining and forming processes utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, including computer-controlled CNC machining. This enables us to manufacture metal products to your unique specifications quickly and affordably.

Machining by CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

CNC machining uses computer software programmed in a numerical language known as G-code to control essential operations like feed rates, speed, positioning and velocity. CNC machining allows the expert machinists at Aluma Graphics to produce even the most complex products with utmost economy and minimal waste. CNC machining achieves excellent surface finish with dimensional accuracy. With machining by CNC, our technicians can punch sophisticated designs and shapes into your product’s substrate to meet virtually all of your custom machining needs throughout the U.S.

Water-jet Cutting Process

Also used for subtractive machining, waterjet cutting is one of the most versatile processes for shape cutting. The cutter is connected to a high-pressure water pump, water and abrasive is ejected from the nozzle, which cuts through the material by spraying a jet of high-speed water. At Aluma Graphics, our machinists are highly skilled at cutting with water-jet machines, and are capable of cutting nearly any material up to four inches thick. This cutting process is very precise, which allows your company’s product to have fine cut contours with smooth, precision cut surfaces.

Forming Processes

In contrast to machining processes that incorporate subtractive manufacturing, forming processes modify or alter metalwork without removing any of the material. Mechanical forces are typically used for this deforming process. For optimal results, it’s critical to utilize the appropriate tools and equipment during the forming process, such as custom metal bends and press brake forming technologies. Our combination of high-tech equipment and machinist expertise is what allows Aluma Graphics to offer a wide array of forming and machining by CNC services for our nationwide customers.

Application-Specific Solutions

The custom machining services available at Aluma Graphics are designed to simplify your production line and save you money with application-oriented metal fabrication services. Highly skilled in water-jet machining and sheet metal bends, our machinists can create an array of turnkey products to meet your custom machining needs, from individual parts to fully customized control panels. Our experienced technicians are pleased to work with you to design and build the custom machining products best for you.

For more than 40 years, Aluma Graphics has produced metal-fabricated unique parts and assemblies for businesses throughout Texas and the entire U.S., in addition to providing a wide range of printing, engraving, etching, laminating and metalphoto services. Our clients recognize that the advantage that Aluma Graphics has over our competitors is the ability to produce cost-effective solutions that help their companies succeed.

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