When your products bear important identification data or tracking information, it’s critical to ensure that your labels, nameplates, and panels won’t fade or degrade over time. Products that are exposed to weather, heat, chemicals, or abrasion demand durable and long-lasting labels and nameplates. When labeling is required by law, it’s essential to make sure that the identification product meets stringent government regulations as well. Dallas-based Metalphoto® from Aluma Graphics gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your product will meet exacting specifications while providing everyone who handles, uses, or inspects it with clear and accurate information.

What Is Metalphoto®?

Metalphoto® is the trade name given to a printing method known as photosensitive anodized aluminum processing. It involves transforming your graphic into a silver halide image that is then embedded into the anodic layer of an aluminum substrate. This is accomplished by first creating a negative or positive image of your graphic. When the film is placed on the specialized aluminum surface and exposed to a high level of ultraviolet light, the image is transferred to the substrate.

Depending on your specifications, the Metalphoto® printing result is either a black-on-silver graphic or a silver-on-black image that essentially becomes part of the surface itself. Because the process requires minimal set-up for production runs, Metalphoto® prints are ideal for your Dallas and nationwide business when you want a cost-effective solution for your durable label needs.

Metalphoto® in Global Applications

Considered the optimal printing process for hard-wearing identification labels, Metalphoto® is perfect for bar code labels, nameplates, data plates, and instruction panels that are subject to heavy handling, extreme heat, weather, or exposure to substances like gasoline, solvents, and chemicals. Metalphoto® aluminum nameplates from Aluma Graphics also meet several military specifications, including MIL-DTL-15024 and GG-P-455b.

Based in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for more than 40 years, Aluma Graphics is a leading national custom manufacturer of functional identification products. Our commitment to excellence has earned our company the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 certification, which is only awarded to companies that meet the highest manufacturing standards. You can be confident that you’ll enjoy quality results when you choose Aluma Graphics to meet your global Metalphoto® printing needs.


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