Thermal Transfer

Whether the target audience for your product is in the U.S. or in the broader global marketplace, labels not only showcase your company’s brand but provide necessary information for your customers and production line as well. When you need labels that display critical data like bar codes, product identification, or shipping information, thermal transfer printing offers you cost-effective solutions. Non-impact printing methods like thermal transfer give you a safe, precise, and permanent way to label your product.

The Thermal Transfer Printing Process

At Aluma Graphics, thermal transfer products are labeled using specialized printers equipped with ribbons containing wax-based ink. The print head contains an array of resistive heating pins controlled by a microprocessor that determines which pins are heated to replicate your digital image. As the thermal print head applies heat to the ribbon, the ink melts, transferring the image onto a coating of ribbon that adheres to your product. The result is a seamless label that makes thermal transfer ideal for applications on flexible substrates such as polyester and vinyl.

Thermal Transfer for Bar Code Labeling

While there are many functional uses for thermal transfer products, bar code labeling is by far the most prevalent application. Thermal transfer printing produces high-quality images with the clear and sharp edge definition that’s required for easy scanning. Thermal transfer printers can replicate the exact symbols, graphics, and text used in bar code labeling quickly and accurately, making the thermal transfer process perfect for jobs that require a fast turnaround and repeat orders.

Customized Thermal Transfer Solutions

For durable and accurate labeling results, you need a full-service printing company with the equipment, experience, and know-how to tailor your labels to meet your specific needs. Customized thermal transfer is particularly important when applying labels to items like vinyl or plastic products, which can be damaged by other types of printing processes. Each printing process has its own advantages so it is important to interface with a qualified company to select the optimal printing method.

The skilled professionals at Aluma Graphics are adept in a wide array of printing methods. We can offer the expert guidance that you need when determining which labeling technique is best for your application. When thermal transfer products are the ideal option, we’ll ensure that your labels are designed and produced to your exact specifications.


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