Quality Requirements

Aluma Graphics Quality Codes

QR1   Quality System Approval

The supplier shall, as a minimum, maintain an accredited 3rd party registration to AS9100 if a manufacturer and AS9120 if a Distributor. If a supplier has less than 50% Aerospace business then ISO9001 is acceptable.

QR2    Right of Entry

Aluma Graphics (AG), Aluma Graphics’ customers, government representatives or applicable regulatory agencies shall have the right to survey seller’s facilities, with suitable notification to review all processes, subcontractors, contracted parts, procedures and records that are applicable to Aluma Graphics.

QR3    Traceability

Seller shall provide a Certificate of Conformance, with Aluma Graphics purchase order clearly noted on it, with each shipment. At a minimum, the certifications provided shall be in English. Seller must ensure that all certifications (Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance, Test Reports, Process Certs, Raw Material etc.,) for a part is traceable to one another by either a lot number, date code, heat number, job or work order number or material P.O. number. All certifications must be legible. Changes or amendments to any certification paperwork must identify the authorizing party via signature, initial, stamp, or any other similar method, along with amendment date.

QR4    Nonconformance

No known nonconformance shall be shipped to Aluma Graphics without written authorization from AG Quality. The product shall be held at the supplier pending instruction from AG. If nonconforming product is found by the supplier after shipment to AG the supplier shall notify AG within 48 hours of the discovery.

QR5    Multiple Lots

Multiple lots shall be bagged separately and identified. No commingling of lots is allowed under any condition.

QR6    Packaging

Seller must assure that all product shipped is adequately packed and/or packaged to prevent damage, contamination, the introduction of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and/or deterioration. Unless otherwise specified on the purchase order, seller must use best commercial practices (such as described under ASTM-D-3951) to prevent damage, contamination and/or deterioration to all products during transit. No loose fill material (i.e., foam peanuts) shall be used in the packaging of products. Shelf life items must be packaged appropriately for protection.

QR7    Labels

Supplier shall provide bar codes on the packing slip and outer container label per Aluma Graphics Bar Code Specification (posted on the Aluma Graphics web site). Data fields required but not limited to: Aluma Graphics Purchase Order Number, Aluma Graphics Ordered Part Number, Quantity shipped, and Lot Number. Number of boxes shipped does not have to be bar coded but needs to be located with the above information. Font required is 3 of 9 (Code 39) type, human readable characters printed below each bar code. The outer container label shall have the bar code printed on it or a white label with black print attached with the bar code information on it. Size of the bar code information shall be .375 inch minimum in height and must be placed without blocking any information.

QR8    Procurement Specification Document and Certification Requirements

When the procurement specification and this purchase order have differing certification requirements, the higher level requirement takes precedence.

QR9    Record Retention

Seller shall retain quality records for a minimum of 10 years. Fasteners identified as safety critical, quality records shall be retained for 30 years. Records shall be made available to AG for review upon request. AG must be notified prior to the destruction of any quality records. First Article Inspection Reports and related documented information shall be retained by the supplier for 99 years plus the current year and are required to be kept in the format in which they originated. All requested information shall be provided in the language required by the contract.

QR10 Calibration

Tools and equipment used in the final acceptance of manufactured product shall be calibrated in accordance with ANSI Z540-1 or ISO 10012-1 or TS/ISO 16949.

QR11 Statistical Process Control (SPC)

The Seller shall identify the statistical techniques in establishing, controlling and verifying process capability and product characteristics. Documented procedures shall be established and maintained to implement and control the application of these statistical techniques. Records of SPC are to be maintained and available upon request for a minimum of 10 years as stated on QR9.

QR12 Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

Seller shall establish, document and maintain a program to control and eliminate Foreign Object Debris (damage) (FOD) and/or contamination during seller’s (or seller’s sub-tier sources) manufacturing, assembly, test and inspection operations.

D6-85622 applicable to all Boeing Approved Suppliers.

QR13 Hazardous Material

Seller shall furnish a label on product that indicates hazardous material and type (Ex: cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated dipenyl ethers (PBDE)), or any chemical known to cause cancer.

QR14 Mercury Free

The equipment and/or supplies furnished under this Purchase Order shall contain no metallic mercury or mercury compounds, no mercury bearing instruments or equipment which could cause mercury contamination shall be used in the manufacture, fabrication, assembly or testing of such equipment and/or supplies, and reasonable steps shall be taken to ensure that such equipment and/or supplies are not contaminated with mercury or mercury compounds.

QR15 Aluma Graphics Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Aluma Graphics Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply to all items shipped. The latest version of AG Terms and Conditions can be found at, http://alumagraphics.com/terms-and-conditions

QR16 Return Policy

Aluma Graphics reserves the right to return product, within a reasonable time frame, if it does not meet the dimensional, structural, and/or component requirements of the purchase order or drawing.

QR17 Country of Origin

Country of Origin statement is required on the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance. If no statement is on the C of C it will be assumed that the product was manufactured and/or assembled in the United States.

QR18  Certifications

The following certifications must accompany the product shipped: Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance, Raw Material Certification, Test Reports and Process Certifications. Distributor Certificates of Conformance and Third Party Test Reports (as applicable). Applicable specification, part number, part revision level and shelf-life must be present on certifications and test reports.

QR19  Shelf Life

On certifications for product having a limited or specified shelf life, Seller shall indicate the manufacture date and when applicable, any special storage or handling conditions. Manufacture date must also appear on all packaging. The remaining shelf life at time of delivery shall not be less than 80% of total life.

QR20  Drawing

Seller must supply the drawing (print) with the part.

QR21  First Article

A documented first article is required. First article shall be required on the first production run per AS9102. All additional revisions due to engineering, design and/or specification change then a Delta AS9102 is required.

QR22  Source Inspection

Aluma Graphics source inspection is required. Inspection shall be conducted at the Seller’s facility and shall be requested and accomplished prior to shipment. When the items on the Purchase Order are ready for inspection, notify the Aluma Graphics Quality Manager so that coverage can be arranged. Drawings, specifications and other pertinent data shall be made available to the Aluma Graphics Quality Representative at time of inspection.


The Seller shall provide safeguards for all Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) sensitive components and assemblies. ESD components and assemblies shall be packaged and transported in electrostatic shielding containers. All ESD containers or cushioning materials must have the mechanical characteristics to properly protect parts against damage. All ESD packaging containers must have an ESD caution label affixed to the outer surface.

QR24  100% Inspection Required

Seller shall perform 100% inspection of all characteristics or specified characteristics on all products covered by the Purchase Order. Records of sellers 100% inspection results, showing actual range of values, shall accompany each delivery of product(s).

QR25  Product Serialization

Serial numbers for all items on the purchase order shall be assigned by Aluma Graphics or the applicable Supplier and shall be recorded on all documentation by the Seller. The assigned serial numbers shall not be altered or replaced without prior written authorization from Aluma Graphics.

QR26  Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals (Berry Amendment)

Any specialty metals incorporated in articles delivered under this order must be melted in the United States, its possession or in a qualifying country as defined in the DFARS 252.225-7009. Please refer to the DFARS clause located in the Government Websites for identification of Specialty Metals and list of Qualifying Countries. DFARS compliance statement must be stated on the manufacturer’s certificate of conformance. Exemption: This clause would not apply to manufacturers that are “Self Certified”. This requires the manufacturer to certify annually that 50% or more of their specialty metals is domestically melted.


DFARS 252.225-7016 applies.  DFARS compliance statement must be stated on the manufacturer’s certificate of conformance.

QR28  Special Processes Approval

Special processes shall be performed by sources that are accredited by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap). This requirement applies whether the process is performed by the Seller or by Seller’s sub-tier sources. Special Processes include but not limited to: NDT, Nonconventional Machining, Heat Treat, Plating/Coating, Welding and Chemical Processing.

QR29  Revision Levels

All material furnished to Aluma Graphics by the seller and its suppliers must be manufactured to and/or meet the most current revision level of the applicable part standard and its associated specifications at the time the purchase order was issued, unless otherwise specified on the Aluma Graphics purchase order.

QR30  Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance

Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance must display revision level of part being furnished.

QR31  Government Orders

Any purchase order noting a US Government Contract number and associated Priority Rating shall be executed in accordance with the Defense Priority and Allocation System Program.

QR32  Notification of Changes

Supplier shall notify Aluma Graphics when changes occur that will affect the Quality System, such as changes of address/location, ownership, company name, Quality Manager, Quality Management System (QMS), or QMS approvals.

QR33  Assemblies

All individual components within the assembly shall be listed on the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance along with traceability to the applicable certification.

QR34  Date Codes

If product has an age or a date code, material must be less than 1 year old unless approved by an AG Quality Representative. The age or date code must be listed on the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance and seller’s Certificate of Conformance as applicable. In case of multiple date codes, all date codes and associated quantity must be listed on the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance and seller’s Certificate of Conformance as applicable. The supplier may hand-write date code, quantity, or any additional information on the Certificate of Conformance as long the changes are accompanied by a signature and/or stamp.

QR35  Sampling Plans

Supplier may use sampling plans provided the sampling plans are in accordance with Industry, Government and Military standards or AG customer designated sampling inspection requirements. For All Boeing product the D18007 User Guide for Statistical Sampling Plans applies. In all cases, inspection requirements identified by engineering drawing or specification take precedence over the inspection requirements defined herein.

QR36  Foreign Material

Any and All Foreign Material manufactured or produced by a country that is not listed as an FAA recognized Bilateral Country will not be acceptable.

QR37  Prevention of Counterfeit Material

Supplier shall establish and maintain a Counterfeit Parts/Materials Prevention/Avoidance and Control Plan using Industry Standard AS5553 (Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition) and AS6174 (Counterfeit Material; Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Material) as guidelines. The process shall be to prevent and control the delivery of counterfeit parts.


QR38  OEM Use Only

Unless otherwise specified, parts/materials are being purchased for OEM use only. PMA marked parts/materials are not to be supplied unless specifically requested per the Purchase Order.

QR39  Packing Slips/Certification

A copy of Suppliers Packing Slips and Certification is required inside and outside of box.

QR40  Shipment Weight

Please advise if shipment weight is over 100lbs.

QR41  Boeing D590

All Suppliers providing Boeing parts must be approved and listed in Boeing D590.

QR42  Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals (Berry Amendment)-Electronic Products Any specialty metals incorporated in articles delivered under this order must be melted in the United States, its possession or in a qualifying country as defined in the DFARS 252.225-7009. Please refer to the DFARS clause located in the Government Websites for identification of Specialty Metals and list of Qualifying Countries, as well as allowable exceptions. DFARS compliance statement must be stated on the manufacturer’s certificate of conformance when the delivered product does contain a specialty metal and is not exempt per the clause.

QR43  Conflict Minerals “The Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Consumer Act”

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has imposed that publicly traded companies report any product containing Tantalum (and all its derivatives), Tin, Tungsten or Gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda and Zambia. Aluma Graphics is expecting you as a supplier to perform a due diligence effort to make these determinations. It will be required that you do not knowingly supply any product that contains these minerals from the above listed countries based on the concerns that the revenues obtained from the mining and transport of conflict minerals aid in financing the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the surrounding countries.

QR44  Class 1 Ozone Depleting Chemicals

Seller is prohibited from supplying product that was either manufactured with or contains Class 1 ozone depleting chemicals. By certifying to the part(s) shipped to Aluma Graphics, it shall be considered certifying compliance to this clause.

QR45  Ethical Behavior

It is the policy of Aluma Graphics to provide our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which will serve as a guide to proper business conduct for all employees. We expect all employees to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in their conduct. We expect our suppliers to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in their conduct as well. Persons working for each supplier should be made aware of the importance of ethical behavior.

QR46  Supplier Flow Down

Supplier shall flow down applicable specifications, descriptions, requirements, and all requirements in this document to sub-tier suppliers.

QR47  Product Safety

Suppliers must have rigorous safety and quality controls throughout design and manufacturing processes to ensure the use of our products do not pose uncontrolled or unacceptable risks to customers, employees, suppliers or the general public. Persons working for each supplier should be made aware of the importance of product safety.

QR48  Product Conformity

Persons working for each supplier should be made aware of the importance of their contribution to product conformity.


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